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"You have to bite it."

I just watched "Atonement". Amazing. I think I cried almost the entire time. One of my favorite quotes had to be when some creepy guy said "Bite it. You have to bite it." to the red-haired girl about a candy bar. It was so bizarre and creepy. My sister and I were dyinggg. But, the rest of the movie was not as funny (even though that part wasn't supposed to be funny). I love romantic movies like that. James McAvoy is soo good looking. I decided that whoever I marry has to be British and say completely amazing things to me like James McAvoy says in "Becoming Jane" (I am yours, heart and soul <3) or in "Atonement" (I will come back for you, love you, marry you...). 

(that was sort of creepy ^, oh well...)

Tonight was fun. I met up with my friend Anthony and we hung out the whole night. I made him a facebook and we just talked and played with that the whole time. It was cool. Then I stopped by my friend Haley's house, she was having a party. I only could stay for like 20 minutes but it was cool. They ran out of beer right when I got there which was slightly depressing but I was driving anyway so it was better that there was no beer consumption.

NYC in 1 day! I cannot wait! It's going to be amazing. Especially because my boyfriend will be there too. It's actually our 6 month anniversary right now. Well, really on the 28th it will be 2 years since we started dating. But, since we broke up last year for awhile it isn't really 2 years I guess. So confusing...

Okay, time to sleep. I'm wiped out.
Happy Easter!

dunder mifflin, this is pam

Happy Belated St. Patricks Day!!! 
I didn't really celebrate. My mom made dinner for the family and my aunt came over. It was nice. I can't wait for next year when I can celebrate with green beer at 8 in the morning!

I finished "Rebel Angels" the other night. It was so amazing. I could barely put it down. I highly recommend it! Now I'm reading "Water For Elephants" by Sara Gruen. So far so good, but I'm not very far yet. In AP Lit we are reading "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison. I'm just through the prologue but it's already grabbed me. We'll see how it goes.

My parents and I just watched "The Biggest Loser". I love that show, I have no idea why but I do. I guess it's cheesy but it inspires me to really get healthy. I work out a couple times a week and I try to eat healthy. I used to purge just about everything, but I'm getting out of that habit now. No one really knows that, but then again, no one really reads this. 

I have two interesting job prospects right now. I have an interview at Build-A-Bear which sounds completely weird but I thought about it and it would be really good for me. It's a simple job and I love kids. The hours would be perfect for me too so that is a definite plus. Also, my brother's friend is a district manage or something at Bebe so he said he made a call to her and she's looking into finding me a sales associate position. That would be really great too. My ideal job would be at H&M or Forever21 because I love those stores, but Bebe works too. I just looked at their website, their style is pretty fancy for me but I think it'd be ok.

So yesterday I did end up staying home the first half of the day. My mom flipped out at me though. She said that if my grades are bad this quarter then I won't be able to go away for school next year. They won't be bad, but it still scared the crap out of me. I don't think I'll be able to survive another year in this house. I love my family and my house, but I've been waiting for the chance to live on my own for too long. 

Ahh, I have so much homework tonight. I finished a lot of it but I really don't feel like doing anything else. I have a marketing test and a math test on Thursday to get ready for too. I also have a humanities project due that day.

Anyway, I'm watching "The Office" right now on TBS. I miss that show so much. I can't wait until it comes back!!!

New York in 5 days!!! I can't wait!



The actual Sadie Hawkins dance was really dumb. The gym had most of the lights on and it was basically all freshmen and sophomores, but we still had fun. Afterwards we just hung out at Laurens and I pretty much fell asleep on the couch from being so tired. 

Anyway, today I went and saw "Semi-Pro" with my dad and brother. It was probably my least favorite Will Ferrell movie but it was still very funny. The fact that it was set in Flint, MI made it fun too. 

I had about 4 hours of homework to do tonight but I've done NONE of it. I'll probably just weasel my way out of going to school tomorrow so I can stay home and work on stuff. Instead of doing my homework I went to a bunch of online stores and made lists of everything I want from them. So, productive. 

Today my CMU roommate and I got coffee together. She's so funny, I love her. If I go to CMU I know we'll have an amazing time. 

Okay, I am going to do a little bit of homework and then I'm going to bed.

Writer's Block: That's the Power of...

What makes you feel powerful?
This is slightly odd, but I feel powerful when I'm scheduling things. Appointments, hangouts, whatnot. When I write things down in my planner or make a to-do list I feel very powerful, like I'm fully in control of my whole life.

I had people over tonight and they just left. It was really chill and fun and I'm glad they came over. I love my friends. We watched "Grandma's Boy" which is just completely ridiculous and afterwards we all just talked and joked around. It was a good time.

Tomorrow night should be amazinggg. I love dances. Sadie Hawkins is pretty special. Sophomore year I asked my boyfriend to Sadies and that was our first date ever. Last year we didn't go together because we broke up but I'm so happy we're going again this year.

I am so tired right now but I think I'm going to stay up and read for awhile. I'm reading "Rebel Angels" by Libba Bray right now and I'm obsessed with it. I'm not into sci-fi books at all but these aren't really sci-fi I guess. It's sort of "fantasy" or something. I'm not really sure. I do know that I love it! 

Okay, time to read/sleep. Goodnight <3

hire me!!!

I just applied to H&M, Old Navy and Borders online and tomorrow I'm giving an application to Forever21. I called a lady for a temporary babysitting job that I found in the newspaper too. I'm on the job hunt. I worked at a rib place for 7 months last year but my parents made me quit at the beginning of the school year so I could concentrate on my studies. Now, they are realizing that when I made my own money it was easier on them financially so they're urging me to find a new job. I  NEED a summer job so I can save up for college. I really hope I get the job at Forever21 because I'd make money ANNNDDD I'd get discounts on clothes which I could really use for next fall. It's a win/win situation.

Ugh, I just ate a ton of macaroni. It was so good but now I feel like I'm going to pop. That was just a sidenote for everybody :-). 

I can't wait for tomorrow night. My friend Anthony hasn't ever seen "Grandma's Boy" so he, Cristina and Lane are going to come over and watch it. I know, it sounds pretty boring but I'm actually looking forward to it. Then Saturday night is my school's Sadie Hawkins dance. I'm really excited about that, it should be pretty fun. We're going to bd's Mongolian BBQ before and that's probably my favorite restaurant. 

Okay, I'm going to go do homework. I really need to start focusing in school even though I'm a 2nd semester senior. 



Just took a trip to the eye doctor, that was fun. My eyes have gotten worse and I'm convinced that I'll be legally blind by the time I'm 25. But that's cool, ish.

Tomorrow my mom is taking my sister and I out of school early and we're going shopping for spring break. Instead of partying in Mexico with my friends on a normal senior spring break my parents are taking the whole family + my boyfriend to New York City for a couple days. I'm really excited, even though I won't be drinking margaritas and minderasers by a beach for a week. We're seeing "Phantom of the Opera" and "Young Frankenstein" on broadway. I've been dying to see Phantom for about 3 years so I'm really excited for that. 

Okay, time for escuela. I love a good 12:30 start!

ps. I really love that writers block thing!

Writer's Block: Valentines Day

How did you spend Valentine's Day?
I received little bags of candy from my boyfriend at school which was completely adorable. He gave me a necklace, a teddy bear and a package of black licorice (my favorite). Then, we planned on spending the rest of the day together but his dad called and bitched at him about shovelling snow. So, he went to do that. Afterwards, he took me out to dinner. We were supposed to go somewhere nice, but he somehow convinced me that all you can eat ribs at this steakhouse miles away was the best place to go, so we went. It sounds ridiculous but they were delicious ribs and it was my favorite V-day ever. <3

Writer's Block: Let Down

Describe a moment when you were let down.
My boyfriend and I spent an hour and a half rummaging for change in his room and collecting all the cans and bottles from his house to return. He was flat broke. We then took all of this to a CoinStar machine at the grocery store. While he unloaded bottles and cans I put all the loose change into the machine. When I was done I looked up and saw $16.38. He thought there was at least $20.00 in there so without him knowing I dumped ALL of my change into the machine. I emptied my entire purse and when that was done, the machine read $22.90. With all the cans and bottles his grand total was about $25.00 which made him very happy. I told him I found a few dimes and such in my purse that I contributed and he thanked me for the donation. He was so grateful that I thought maybe he'd do something nice for me, like buy me flowers or something, but I didn't really expect it. Later that same night, we went to a friends house. My boyfriend and another guy said they had to run to the store really quick. He came back with $20.00 worth of pot and $5.00 left in his wallet. He thought I'd be mad at him, and honestly, I wasn't. Just completely disappointed and left with the realization that I expect too much from people. 
He apologized profusely later on, I told him I didn't care because it was his money.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

I've gone through this about 349058 times, creating a new blog that is. I usually stick to them for about 3 weeks and then I forget or get too busy (I have a budding social life you know). This time will be different because I am determined to hone my writing skill while bitching and moaning about my teenage woes.

Things to know about me:
1. I'm 18 years old. Yes, congratulations to me on being able to buy cigarettes and be charged as an adult in a crime. It's exhilerating.
2. I live in Michigan outside of Detroit, its exciting. EDIT : I decided to take out my precise location. Sorry :) 
3. My obsession with Dave Matthews Band may come off a little bit compulsive to some. I just love and appreciate them. There is nothing wrong with that! On June 9th I will see them live for the 4th time. And on July 5th for the 5th time. 
4. I also obsess over the Detroit Tigers and I am heartbroken that 1st baseman Sean Casey is gone. He was MY Tiger and apparently people find this weird. I don't. My 2nd favorite Tiger is Ryan Raburn. He's kind of new-ish but I love him and maybe someday he can replace the spot in my heart where Sean Casey was (and still partially is) but that day hasn't come yet. 
5. Currently I am awaiting an admissions decision from Michigan State University. I'll just put it out there that it's my dream school and unfortunately I wasn't immediately accepted. I'll hear in early April from the admissions office. If MSU doesn't work out I'll be going to Central Michigan.
6. I plan on majoring in elementary education in college. I love kids and I think I could be an exceptional teacher (pardon my cockiness). But I really would love to pursue a writing career. Or a social work career. Or book editing. Lets face it- I have no idea. 
7. My grades throughout high school have been AVERAGE. I'm not proud of that and I'd give anything to go back to sophomore year geometry and not fall asleep everyday. 
8. I have a boyfriend that I've been with for overall 17 months. We broke up last year for 7 months but got back together last September. He keeps me sane most of the time but does the opposite sometimes. I have to remind him how to treat me well occasionally. It's crazy, but I love him anyway. 
9. I also have an ex-boyfriend who is a big part of my life. We dated on and off from 5th grade (oh yes, a serious relationship...) to 9th grade. He is one of a select group of people who knows me inside and out. I can talk to him about anything and he is one of my closest friends (sometimes). But then there are times (most of the time) when I want to COMPLETELY wring his idiot neck (like when he asks me to be his college girlfriend...). It's complicated. 
10. My true friends are the greatest people on the face of the planet.
11. It's 1:35AM and I should most likely go to bed. School starts at 12:30 for some reason tomorrow which should justify this late night rambling but my mother decided it'd be a good idea to make me an eye doctor appointment in the morning. Thumbs up! Oh, that reminds me of one more thing...
12. My family. I can probably write a trilogy of books about these people but I'll condense it. Mom-Controlling and critical, yet sensitive to my teenage-ness and amazing. We have our fights but she has my best interests at heart and I can tell her ANYTHING. She knows all of my secrets, even the incriminating ones. Dad-We're very close and he's the funniest man on Earth. He drinks way too much and that changes my opinion of him all the time but I always forgive him. Jason-My brother is 10 years older than me and amazing. I've never fought with him and we have the exact same sense of humor. He's ridiculous and he needs to write a book about his life so far. It would be a New York Times bestseller because he's crazy and funny as hell. Lena-My sister is a freshmen in high school. We have our arguments but I love her anyway. She is too focused on herself sometimes which hurts me because I do so much for her and get little in return but I know she'll grow out of it. She's my other half. 
Okay, enough for tonight. I'm exhausted and I have to do all my Spanish homework in the morning before my appointment!
Good night.